How The Living Chapter got its name..


I sat on the thought of changing my blog name completely for a couple of months. I didn’t talk to anyone about it, not even my husband, as I wanted it to be a “surprise”. I finally broke down and asked my husband what I should do. Let’s just say, he wasn’t much help (haha)

As we lounged around it dawned on me to maybe look in my poems for a hint. I have written MANY poems but I came across this one-liner per say. It was a title I wanted to name a future book of sad poems called, “The Sad Chapter”. Obviously the poems were written in my darkest days. But I can’t name my blog that, I’m not in that state of mind anymore. However, I am in a chapter of my life where I am happy and content. But I can’t name it “the happy chapter”, too corny for me.

This boggled in my mind for about 10 mins until I realized, I am living my best life. I have hit milestones already; marriage, a pooch, childbirth, a cozy home. What’s the next chapter? I don’t see one anytime soon. I am living it up with amazing friends and family. I AM LIVING.

This is my living chapter.