When I was pregnant, I tried learning EVERY LITTLE THING about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I was gearing up for a baby hurricane you can say. But guess what? There were still things I didn’t know and new things I learned along the way. And I’m still learning!

I learned that postpartum goes past physical recovery but emotional and mental recovery as well. If you’re pregnant, just had a baby or just looking to connect, I hope these help you.


Hair Loss

Why is this not talked about more?

No one told me I was going to lose handfuls of hair every second of the day. No one told me my hairline was going to recede either! I’m definitely not going bald, but my forehead is looking more like my father’s every day. Just an FYI, my dad is fully aware of his hairline receding and blames us (his 3 kids) for it all the time.

So I didn’t know of the major hair loss, till it was happening and my mom told me, “it’s your hormones.” I was actually shocked. All the books and blogs I read said nothing of this. Until I looked it up and it’s completely normal and happens to everyone. Some women, unfortunately, start to go bald. And receding hairlines are just as normal too.

Taking a prenatal can help. As well as using a Wet Brush. I found that to be really helpful, to avoid clogging the drain AGAIN.

Breastfeeding is a Rabbit Hole

Oh, the magical world of breastfeeding. It really can be but more than half of women struggle in the beginning.

My journey ended sooner than I wanted, but I’ll save that story for another time. What I learned in that period is that breastfeeding is a rabbit hole that you can fall through for months before finally achieving it.

Here are some things I learned but wasn’t told about during pregnancy:

  • Mastitis
  • Foremilk Imbalance
  • Let down
  • How to Pump such as Flange Sizing, How long & how many times a day
  • Hand Expressing (while baby feeds)
  • Baby Allergies (milk, nuts, soy)
  • How your diet can affect baby

I learned all these things through consultants and searching the internet. Just know that speaking to a consultant, sometimes multiple is better than trying to figure it out on your own. Keep in mind, that this is a new experience for you and baby. You’re going through this together. You can learn the basics of breastfeeding but when you’re in the thick of it, is when you learn what is best for you and baby.

Pelvic Floor (and everything you need to repair it)

Your pelvic floor is so important and goes through a lot from being pregnant and giving birth. Many women don’t even realize their pelvic floor is damaged and go through life in pain. This also applies to women who have had a caesarean.

If you’re unsure, here are some signs of pelvic floor damage, Pelvic Floor First.

There are simple excercises you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor such as Kegels. My pelvis was really sore after birth and I thought it was just part of postpartum. Until I realized, my pelvic floor was weak and I needed to excercise it as I did when I was pregnant. Doing so, I saw huge improvement. No more soreness.


If you got them, you know that Dermaplast will become your best friend.

The itch you literally can not scratch. When you think they have completely healed, nope, here comes the itch.

My advice is to unapologetically use the perineal bottle for as long as you want and stock up on Dermaplast. Use it religiously and you’ll survive.

Every baby is different

I think the biggest issue with new moms is that we compare ourselves to everyone over social media and more or less our family and friends. We forget that, babies are people too and come out with a mind of their own believe it or not.

For example, I hear all the time about how my daughter doesn’t smile as much as all the other babies. Sure, it bothered me at first to hear it over and over but I never despised her for it or questioned if she’s happy. I know my daughter is happy, she as I always say, is a hard lady to impress sometimes and I think it’s part of her little character. I also find it hilarious to watch people try to make her laugh.

I learned to find out who this new person is despite everyone around me.

Mom Guilt is REAL

Mom guilt. You may not see it coming and you may not even recognize it. But it’s real. And it will find ways to make you feel inadequate.

Whether it be how you choose to feed your baby or if you gave your baby 30 mins of tv. At the end of the day, we’re all doing our best to keep our babies happy, healthy and safe. I highly recommend getting with other mamas and being honest about what might be bothering you. You might be surprised how many other women feel the same way.


“Write on your mirror: ‘I had a baby. I’m a superhero.’” —Kelly Rowland

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