For Father’s Day, I wanted to shed some light on fathers and get a perspective, that we as mothers may not see. I feel like we’ve come a long from fathers not even being in the delivery room to fathers actually catching their baby and cutting the umbilical cord.

It’s amazing to see dads around the world, really step it up emotionally. Especially coming from centuries that the only role a father played was the bread winner. Now, we even see stay-at-home dads doing the most for their children while allowing the mother to take lead in her career.

We as mothers and fathers play different roles as parents. Sometimes one has to play both roles. At the end of the day, we are the most important people to our kids.

With that being said, I asked my husband a series of questions on what is it like to be a father now. For his first Father’s Day for the rest of the life. Let’s get into it..


1. Favorite memory as a dad, right now?

My most precious moment was the first song that we heard together on the hospital tv. It was a classical piece and since we are a music family, that piece of music was perfect for the first song we would listen to together. I’m still so bummed that Siri misinterpreted the name of the song. I guess we were meant to live in the moment and soak it in.


2. How did you feel when you found out you were becoming a father?

I was ecstatic. Our daughter was not planned but when I found out, I was overjoyed.


3. How did you feel when you found out you were having a girl?

I was relieved. Not because I didn’t want a boy or a girl, but it gave me peace of mind knowing how I would tailor my parenting for my new child. I love being a father to our little girl.


4. What did you feel when you first saw her?

I have seen footage of fathers passing out and I told myself I would not be that type of guy prior to the birth. However, the first time I saw Violet I was filled with joy, and I felt tears starts to form. I did not pass out, but I did notice how some guys do. It’s a emotional overload but it’s an awesome feeling and I loved enjoying it with my wife.


5. What do you like about being a father?

I like seeing Violet grow and become conscious of her surroundings. It’s amazing to see an infant develop so quickly. 


6. Anything you don’t like?

I don’t like having to invest so much time into work and school because it does impede on valuable time with my family. I do realize it’s a necessity in order to provide and I love it but I do feel like I miss out on moments that will only last for a short period of time.


7. What have you learned from becoming a father?

I’ve learned that I want to maximize my life by being a healthier person for my family. This will allow for more precious moments and memories before it’s our time to go.


8. Is there anything you learned from your relationship with your father that you will apply to your child/children?

Well my father was a good dad and I still have a relationship with him. However, he did remarry and moved very far away. I know the trauma this had on me as a child and I would never want those feelings or similar ones, for our daughter or our future children.


9. Is there anything you learned from your mother you will apply to your child/children?

Work hard, be kind to animals, be kind to people, and take care of your health.


10. Any advice for Violet’s future self?

I just want her to be happy. I want her to pursue whatever she enjoys in her life and not become overwhelmed by the stresses of adulthood at an early age. Enjoy life, make wise decisions, and NEVER be afraid to ask for advice from your Mom and Dad. Life is like a beautiful flower, so you must nourish and take care of it.


Thank you Joey Ochoa. You are a great father to our Violet♥ XoXo

To all the busy and hardworking dads putting in late hours, you’re appreciated. To all the dads that miss birthdays and holidays because of deployment, you’re appreciated. To all the dads who stay home to take of their kids, you’re appreciated. To all the dads doing their best to become a dad through the challenges of IVF, you’re appreciated. To all the dads with babies in heaven, you’re appreciated. To all the dads resting in paradise, you’re appreciated.


“Becoming a dad is one thing – being a dad is many things.” Steve Chapman

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Living my best life as Mrs. Ochoa, Mama and Daniece.

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