As women, we play many roles in life. We’re mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, and so on. Every day I do things for my family but I make it a point to add some of my favorite things for myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything else that you forget about yourself. Adulthood doesn’t have to suck. You just have to learn how to have balance, even with the little things.

Here are just a few examples I do daily, weekly and monthly that make me happy. Hopefully, they inspire you to take some TLC time for yourself♥


    1. Tending to my plants♥

Growing up I watered my mom’s houseplants and helped my grandma in her garden. It never crossed my mind that I liked plants enough to want my own collection. Until I lived in a place of my own.

I now look forward to the time of day where I can go outside, water my flowers and clear my mind. It really is therapeutic and so rewarding to watch your garden grow.


    1. 2. Face masks and Bath bombs♥

There’s nothing like a soothing face mask to make you feel 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. Okay, I’m being dramatic but a girl can dream.

    I love any face mask really. The sheet ones, the bubble ones, the clay, and DIY ones. It’s my favorite thing to do at any time of the day.
    I used to take baths all the time. I would pour a glass of wine, throw in a Lush bath bomb, put on the Alabama Shakes and chilllll. One day, I’ll have that all again but for now, my baths have dwindled down to once a month. Bath bombs from Sprouts or any organic local market are good with a cup of Epsom salt and I’m in heaven.
    1. 3. Lighting candles♥
    I HAVE to have candles. I got into them when my mom hand-me-downed a bunch of candles she didn’t want. Ever since I’ve been hooked. And my husband too (haha)
    4. Cups of tea♥

When I lived in San Diego, my favorite place to go in Old Town was The American House. They had the best teas by the ounce! I would buy my 8 ounces and get my free beverage. Walkout like a boss.

Sure, a glass of wine and a cup of coffee go a long way but people forget how yummy and healthy tea is for you. It’s a great alternative and there is so much you can do with them.

I also like to juice and make smoothies. You can add tea to them *wink wink*

      1. 5. Cooking♥

I find this to be controversial for some people. Some find cooking exhausting, some find cooking fun. I am definitely on the cooking is fun team! 3 years ago when I really began my Chef Ramsay expedition, I have found myself to be way more in tune with my taste buds than before. I now add different spices and mix up recipes just from my memory alone.

    Just making a simple lunch into something more creative is fun. Also, being a vegetarian has broadened my horizon when it comes to cooking. Learning how to mimic meat and use ingredients to give a bit more flavor has been a great challenge.


“Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend.”-Kristin Neff

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Living my best life as Mrs. Ochoa, Mama and Daniece.

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