So let’s face it, every pregnancy journey is unique. Some are a walk in the park and some face uphill battles along the way. Nonetheless, it is nice to hear other mom’s tips and advice from their experience(s). Because, well, quite honestly carrying a human being for 9/10 months is HARD FREAKIN WORK.

Although people make it seem like a mental and physical prison (which it can be), watching your little human grow inside you makes every bit worth it. So why not embrace this superpower nature has bestowed upon us without breaking the bank!

Here are some of my favorite things that are getting me through the pains and gains of pregnancy.

1. Belly Care

First things first, let’s talk stretch marks.

Yes we’ve heard it all before, “stretch marks are hereditary”. They’re also not hereditary and you can be the lucky first to get them in your family.

They are also NOT PREVENTABLE. So don’t get your hopes up too high with that tricky wording on the label “helps prevent stretch marks”.

But with a little help from day and night moisturizer, you can reduce the amount of marks. Just remember, if you do get stretch marks, only moisturizing and time will make them fade away. Or you can pull a Kardashian move and get laser treatments-definitely not budget friendly.

  • My favorite products so far have been the Glow 9 Belly Butter costing at $24.99 because it is organic and seeps into my skin so nicely, it’s a staple in my routine.
  • Next, the Burts Bee’s Mama Bee Nourishing Oil costing at $6.62. This is on the smaller side but a little bit goes a very long way. Because of its thick consistency, I put this on when I’m home in the evenings and I feel an itch coming on. It’s very nourishing and smells so yummy.
  • Body Scrubs. A gentle body scrub is also a great stretch mark reducer and a nice addition to bath/shower time! You can DIY with common household ingredients. Such as coffee grounds with coconut oil, brown sugar with olive oil and oatmeal grinded up with olive oil. Simple and will leave you feeling buttery!


*If you find yourself completely out of your belly care products, you can use Shea Butter mixed with a little bit of Olive or Coconut Oil. I used this concoction during my dry spells and it worked great.


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2. All Natural Face Cleanse Routine

One of my favorite things before getting pregnant was trying out different beauty products. Not that being pregnant has completely stopped me, just made me more consciously aware of what I’m putting on my skin while controlling my spending. I was not up for spending tons of money on products that may or may not work for me.

Nature has given us the fruits of her labor and with all of her the resources we should be taking advantage of them! This is my favorite and go-to for an all natural skin care routine and it has worked the best for me.

*You don’t have to be expecting to enjoy this routine. These are budget-friendly for everyone while exactly knowing what’s going on your skin.

♥Make Up Remover- Olive Oil

The best perk? You can purchase olive oil at any grocery store!

How to use it? You can apply it to a paper towel and wipe away just like a make-up remover OR apply all over your face and wipe off with a damp washcloth. EASY.

♥Exfoliate- Honey, Sugar & Lemon Scrub

Again, you can find all these at your local grocery store. WIN!

Throw equal parts into a bowl, mix them together and gently scrub all the grime away. For a mini mask treatment, leave on for 10 mins. Rinse off with warm water and instantly see the brightening and smooth results.

♥Soft Cleanse- African Black Soap

African Black Soap is now a MUST in my routine. If I skip the first two steps, I know this soap has my back when it comes to cleansing. I was using this before pregnancy almost a year ago and I still have a couple of months left on my bar. Such a good investment and great for your skin!

♥Toner- Witch Hazel

Who isn’t aware of witch hazel these days? The fact that it’s been used for many many years before our time for many many things should tell you it’s reliable with results.

What I use, Dickinson’s Orginal Witch Hazel

♥Moisturize- Shea Butter

Shea Butter is another favorite of mine. It’s so versatile! It can be used everywhere from the hair on your head to the cuticle on your toes.

During my first trimester, my skin became very dry. Dryness during pregnancy is completely common and normal, so don’t fret! Apply it every night to wake up looking hydrated and fresh. This does start off very greasy, it takes time to seep into the skin so if applying during the day I suggest in a very small amount.

What I use, Now Solutions Shea Butter– I advise to use diligently in small amounts, like I mentioned above, as it does melt into a thick oil.

♥Face Mask- Aztec Clay + Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Anybody that knows me, knows I love face masks! What millennial girl doesn’t though, am I right? I think we can all agree that a lot of these masks these days are more fun than actually benefitting your skin. Girls just wanna have fun and that’s okay!

But if you don’t invest in anything above, invest in these two products. Together, they are life changing. Especially if you have cystic acne, apply this to your break out areas and watch your acne fade as well as scars.


3. Jade Roller

I love my jade roller! It feels like a mini spa day when I use it.

This is was gifted to me by my good friend, who has an amazing beauty and lifestyle blog called YourGirlChase. Show some love and check her out!

With pregnancy comes tired eyes and swelling. Everywhere!! Some women experience swelling of the lips, nose and sometimes just the whole half of their face. Thankfully,  I have only noticed slight puffiness on my nose and cheeks. Using my cold jade roller every morning has decreased my puffiness significantly.

Use the jade roller straight out of the freezer and/or with your favorite serum for best results!


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4. All Natural Deodorant

Being more conscious about what I put on my skin, I decided to pick up on the latest trend, natural deodorant. I saw so many people raving about Tom’s so assuming they had it at Sprout’s Market, I went wide-eyed and bushy-tailed just to find out they didn’t carry it there..

Instead, I picked up Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant costing at $8.86. So far I haven’t had an issue with it. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have issues with excessive sweating.


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5. Maui Shampoo + Conditioner

You can get these at Target for the low!

I’ve tried different natural shampoos and conditioners and these are by far the best for a very affordable price.

I have 3a/2c course hair and pregnancy has not only made my hair even thicker but dryer. Maui Moisture has no silicones so you can get the best therapy for your dry locks without all that icky stuff!


6. Epsom Salt

No frills or thrills here. We all now the aches and pains, from sciatica, leg cramps, pelvic pain, you name it and it probably hurts.

There’s no miracle that can save you from all the glorious pains but you can relieve it with a simple epsom salt bath. Even if you just need a foot soak, mama, you deserve it!


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7. Pregnancy Pillow

Okay, so this is more of a luxury but you can’t go wrong with it.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you get the one I provided but you should invest in some extra pillows at least. My pillow was gifted to me by my mother, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have thought of getting one. I personally have a love/hate relationship with this one but I’m in my 3rd trimester right now and it’s a GODSEND!


8. Energy Boost

For all of my coffee loving moms, sorry to tell you that coffee can’t be replaced. We are allowed 10 ounces a day but not everyone is comfortable with that. With the exhaustion that comes from being a full-time home for your baby, how can we get some energy??

What I use, Premama Energy Boost. There’s no high like you would get from coffee but it helps you stay awake long enough before your next nap.


9. Sparkling Water

Who the hell likes sparkling water? Well if you’re a fan of S. Pellegrino then I hate to break the news to you but you’re a fan. And if you’re a pregnant, sparkling water is the next best thing to soda and a glass of champagne. Okay, maybe a little far from champagne but we can dream right?

It’s been known to help with nausea, acidity issues and that pesky gas EHH. Just make sure to choose the brands without any sugars or sodium.

My favorite sparkling water brand is The Orginal New York Seltzer.

* Do not get confused with the soda and sparkling water. They are very different.


10. Maternity Wear

Leggings + Dresses

Before going out and buying 70+ dollar maternity clothes, which you should avoid in your 1st & 2nd trimester or at all costs if you can. Consider all things stretchy and versatile.

The great thing about leggings and dresses, is you can dress them up or down by simply adding to them. We all know a simple pair of black leggings can go a long way! As for dresses, I like to throw different sweaters over them to give them a new look and trick the eye into thinking it’s a skirt *wink wink*

You can grab affordable maternity leggings at Target.

My favorite maternity dresses so far have been from the sale section of Shop Pink Blush great deals and you can wear them after pregnancy.


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Dress is smock material (great for the growing belly) from a small boutique in my city.


Again, these are just my favorite things getting me through pregnancy. I hope they help you as well♥


“Pregnancy is having company inside one’s skin.”
-Maggie Scarf


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