Idyllwild, over shadowed by her sporty big sister, Big Bear. She is the more relaxed mountain getaway of Southern California, which is why she made the perfect babymoon.

Being 5 months pregnant, in autumn, I wanted to go somewhere that gave me those fall vibes. Nestled by a fire, with hot cocoa and a good book is what I have been longing for and quite frankly, there’s no way I’m going to be able to experience that in San Diego.

I had been brainstorming for almost 2 months on where to go for my babymoon and then it dawned on me, Idyllwild. Our secret little go-to vacation spot for the past 2 years. It’s not too far, it’s quiet, pet-friendly and we have a cabin always available to us (bless my in-laws, they’re amazing!)

I thought I’d share with you guys because it is so extremely overlooked and it’s one of the sweetest gems San Bernadino has to offer. In my opnion, costs less than Big Bear, but always keep in mind remote places like the mountains are going to be a bit pricey. However, you can find amazing cabins for rent for as low as 100 to 130 a night. Not bad at all!

Idyllwild consists of 3 main parts called Mountain Center, Pine Cove and Fern Valley. Where ever you decide to stay, you won’t regret it.


Who’s got the best brunch?: Higher Grounds Coffee and Tommy’s Kitchen

But first things first, COFFEE. I’m not sure if Higher Grounds is the only coffee shop in town but it’s for sure the best in town!

I love trying out a new coffee beverage on their favorites menu with a muffin on the side. By far the best combo on a chilly morning.

When you’re all done using their free wifi, wired on coffee and are ready for a real meal. Head on over to Tommy’s Kitchen for some good ole brunch or lunch. They have a wide variety for meat lovers and vegetarians. And let’s not forget those cute aestethics and good vibes.



Higher grounds can get really busy and run out of pastries FAST. Go over to The Town Baker, just walking distance from the coffee shop. They have the best pastries and desserts in town. Sit in the back and enjoy nature’s finest.

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Instagram worthy spots: Anywhere. Inspiration point, Trails

You can find beauty in just about every corner up there. To creative store fronts, to the beautiful variations of pine trees, to all the turn outs on your way up and down.

One of the most popular spots is Inspiration Point. You can find this on your way up to Idyllwild. Get here during sunset and be inspired by the colors in the sky.

Trails galore! Full of moderate level hiking trails. You don’t have to be an expert to get your feet on some dirt. Here’s a website you can browse through to find a trail best fit for you, AllTrails.

Who better than sharing these picturesque moments with than your fur baby? Or is that just me? I love to get my big little girl out of the city and let her be a wild animal.

One of the perks of Idyllwild is that they are pet-friendly just about everywhere. Everyone has a furry companion, I mean the mayor is a golden retriever! If you haven’t met Mayor Max, he comes in to town about every Sunday, you can get a picture with the legend himself.

Where to eat & drink: Idyology and Idyllwild Brewpub

For the past few years now, Idyllwild has become a bit more “classy” when it comes to their drinking and dining. BUT these two places have been able to keep up with the modern times while still keeping it’s grungy mountain feel.

Both places offer live music, drinks and good food with vegetarian options. Both are family and dog friendly. Both have exceptional outdoor areas where you can watch nature with a cold beverage.

Here are the differences: Idyllwild Brewpub is a brewery with sports bar elements. Idyology appeals to your glass of wine next to a fire, hippie heart.

If you find yourself only going to these two places during your stay, you’ll undoubtedly have a good time.



How to spend your rainy/snow day in: Earth ‘n’ Fire

Isn’t it nice to visit a place that actually experiences the seasons? Coming from the valley I only experience one temperature, HOT. So when I visit Idyllwild during the fall and winter, I love to take in the pitter patters of the rain and the crisp cold snow. We usually like to stay indoors and start a fire and when I’m not pregnant, enjoy a hotty toddy or two. Then there are days you don’t feel like being cooped up, so what do you do?

Go paint some pottery! For your mom, your grandma, yourself.

Let your creative juices flow at Earth ‘N’ Fire. You can bring your own bottle of wine and your dog too!

Just an FYI, plan to do this early on during your stay so that you can pick up your pottery before you leave to avoid the shipping costs.



Sadly the Cranston Fire damaged 13,139 acres of land.. When I heard our adorable red cabin was at risk of being burned to the ground, I couldn’t help but cry and pray. The amazing work by the firefighters were able to save many homes/lives and I couldn’t be more thankful. Knowing my daughter will grow up in the same home as her dad and able to experience nature first hand, makes me so excited for our future.

I hope this post excites you to want to explore the mountain and all of her beauty. There is so much more to her that I didn’t even touch base on but I’ll leave that up to you.


“The Earth has its music for those who will listen.” – George Santayana for more info

Everyday We Are Reborn-Inspired by Birthday Photo Challenge


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