Some might say going to Mexico at this time of our era is not the safest or best idea but when you live only a two or one hour away, you just can’t help yourself. Lately, I have been spending my weekends in the more tourist and easy accessible areas as in Rosarito and Tijuana. People would not generally make those areas their first choice but there is beauty and fun nightlife that is overlooked in these areas. Also, if you are on a budget and are looking for a getaway, this is a great place to start!
My favorite place to stay at is the Rosarito Beach Hotel with their rates as low as 80 dollars a night. I prefer getting a suite, it’s a more bang for your buck! They offer two complimentary margaritas which is always cool with me and the view of the ocean is priceless.

Across from the hotel is a small shopping center filled with traditional Mexican nick knacks and souvenirs for children. There is also a wine tasting room and an art gallery with cultural influenced paintings.

If there is one thing I love about the Rosarito Beach Hotel, it would be the interior and decor. It is very Aztec and traditional, to the choices of color on the walls to the embellishment on the ceilings. This hotel is an icon for an elegant feel that keeps people coming. Another plus about this hotel is that there are 3 swimming pools, 2 located at the back of the hotel, one for leisure and the other for athletic purposes such as laps. Not many people are aware of the one on the rooftop. Take the last elevator to the top floor and it’s a view you don’t want to miss. You can also consider the beach as your very own swimming pool as well. It’s always there, not very crowded at all. You can also catch a session of horseback riding in among the sunset. If you’re not a huge romantic if you walk further along the shore you can ride a quad among the sunset. There’s something for everyone.

Hotel bar
Hallway of hotel

When it comes to the night, Tijuana is one of my favorite places to dance to the best of 80’s and drink for cheap. Just a 30 minute drive up north, close to the border from Rosarito Beach is Centro Tijuana. Just like any downtown there are bars right after one another, all displaying their own personalities. One of the most popular spots is Porky’s, where everyone gets together every weekend and dances all night to the best of the 80’s. Stripper poles located through out the bar with an added colorful ambiance, it’s no wonder this place is a go-to!

One of my other favorite bars is a little underground industrial club called Rubik’s. It’s down the street from Porky’s but it’s kind of hidden, making it not very crowded and a little run down looking. Many locals go here and if you catch it on a great night, the dance floor gets packed! There are very many other cool bars up and down the street, you just have to explore. About 10 minutes from the Zona Centro is an another area dedicated to bars called Zona Urbana. There are so many super fun bars here which is a little more modern than Centro. One of my favorite places the El Sótano Suizo is also an 80’s music based bar with great drink prices and great food. My last visit I had this incredibly long hot dog topped with big chili peppers. I suggest arriving with an appetite, it was fulfilling as well as delicious.

The Mammoth at El Suizo

Walking through Centro Tijuana, there are markets you can shop, drink and eat at. I like to walk through the alleyways and look at the art along the walls of the buildings and garage doors.

Obviously it is Mexico, there will be taco restaurants one after the other. If you’re looking for something different and sophisticated I highly recommend Villa Ortega’s in Puerto Nuevo. It is located in somewhat crowded shop and eat center but it is a must. It is in the top 5 best restaurants in Puerto Nuevo also you get a full spread meal for cheap with an addition of the beautiful view of the ocean (something you just can’t escape in Mexico).

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