One of the beautiful things about California is that we have it ALL. We have beaches, deserts, forests and year round mountains to venture on. The most popular mountain in Southern California, also known for its lake during spring time, Big Bear Mountain. Located in San Bernardino, Big Bear is an easy hour drive making it a suitable hang out every weekend during the winter time.  
Me and my friends searched for spots to go sledding and came upon a perfect area with the freshest snow and gnarly hills to ride on. If you’re like us and don’t like to be in crowded areas when sledding while also saving money then I suggest doing this. You can go almost anywhere, take a walk and run into fresh snow, you won’t be disappointed. After hours of continuous sled rides, we like to head over to The Village for some grub and drink. The Village is a little area of Big Bear that has a variety of restaurants, bars and retail shops.

My favorite spot to grab a bite is Saucy Mama’s. The pizzeria is a popular spot for all ages! It is very small in size and gets extremely packed by noon till closing so make sure to get there early or be prepared for a 20 to 30 minute wait. While pizza might be their main dish, they also offer other foods. I personally like their sandwich menu as well but there is calzones and salads available.

Rolston’s BBQ Chicken

After stuffing our faces with pizza pies we like to head over to the Big Bear Lake Brewery for a couple of good brews and fill up growlers. The brewery is also a popular attraction and it’s usually always crowded and an hour wait for a table, if you are there to eat. But like Saucy Mama’s it too is worth the wait so grab a drink while you wait for a table or just grab a drink and hang out on the porch and enjoy the snow scenery!

1st floor bar


2nd Floor view


Big Bear Lake Growlers


At the end of the day, you can head over to The Cave for late night entertainment. The Cave is a venue that holds 20 dollar shows on the weekends. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can always go during the day and hang out for a drink and cool tunes.

Take a hike! Literally. Take a hike through some pow while it’s still fresh. Happy sledding!

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