One of the biggest events in the world known as the Electric Daisy Carnival originally started in Los Angeles but since the growth of EDM (Electric Dance Music) has grossed in popularity by various different people in the past 10 years, EDC has taken it’s way to Las Vegas as well as different countries and states. To Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, New York, Florida, EDC has made a name for itself, even some negative ones. Raves are considered taboo too many people and seem very scary but I am here to show you that they are just one big party filled with positive and beautiful people who just want to dance and escape reality.

I know I’m two weeks late on my post, I got really sick and was really busy after EDC. As the great saying goes, better late than never! This year was my first EDC and it will definitely not be my last! The decor, attractions and people all made it too unforgettable. I do not have that many photos or videos because it is very hard to keep battery life there as well as having so much fun you forget about trying to record anything. I will show you what I do have, with also some event tips and maybe you’ll consider EDC 2016 💕

🌸Have a check list before arriving: Wristband, I.D. and good vibes are the most important!

There was a total of 8 stages this year. The main and biggest stage, Kinetic Field was by far my favorite. The Cosmic Meadow hosted by Audiotistic, another favorite of mine because of the compilation of different EDM. Then there was Circuit Grounds for the more Electro House dancers. The Basspod hosted by Bassrush for the dubheads, people who love dubstep, definitely another favorite of mine. Another popular stage was Wasteland hosted by Basscon dedicated for the love of hardstyle baby! Then there was the two smallest stages, Stage 7 hosted by 7Up and The Funkhouse. They had special surprise guests every night which came in handy for when you didn’t know what you should listen to at the time. At Stage 7 is where I caught Martin Garrix’s set and was not disappointed whatsoever. (video provided below)

Kinetic Field

🌸Totem Poles are the best way to find your group of friends at any festival but always have a meet up spot in case

🌸Invest in a face mask or bandanna to cover your nose and mouth. You can get sick easily breathing in lots of dirt!

🌸Vitamins and caffeine based medicine is good to use before and after a rave. Your body is naturally exhausted after any rave so it is only natural that you will get headaches and body aches. Vitamins provide all the nutrients you just lost from a long night of dancing. Caffeine based medicine will help a headache from forming towards the end of the weekend, no one wants to end a great weekend with a throbbing head.

🌸Yes, we are bringing back the 80’s! Fanny Packs are a great investment these days. Purses and sometimes even backpacks can get in the way when you’re raving. The lighter the less tired you’ll be!

Fireworks at The Basspod

🌸Remember you’re going to be on your feet all night so be prepared! Comfortable shoes are a must and if you get tired, STOP AND REST. Your body will thank you later!

🌸Always arrive with a full battery. Try to conserve your battery life by keeping your screen brightness low, delete unused apps also close all apps and if need be, airplane mode can be useful. A print out of the set times is better than using your phone or screenshot the set times so you don’t have to use the internet.

🌸Kandi is a fun way to make new friends! Kandi booths are available at almost every massive now

🌸Being in the crowd can get very hot and musty. Let someone know if you need to get out of the crowd for some fresh air, everyone will be more than happy to help you.

🌸Always remember to be nice. Having a bad attitude is not welcomed at any event. In the words of Pasquele Rotella, “Come in peace or don’t come at all.”

🌸Do not forget where you parked! There’s nothing worse than being exhausted after a rave and not being able to find your car.

Neon Garden

🌸Check out other artists you never heard of. It’s exciting when you hear a cool artist for the first time LIVE!

🌸Most importantly STAY HYDRATED! Too many injuries have been due to dehydration. We are all entitled to our own actions so you must take care of yourself. Water canteens are allowed as long as they are empty and camel packs are also great to use, they are light and form fitting for comfortable raving. Water is provided at every corner of the events so take all you can get!

🌸Bring as much cash as you can, most booths are easier when you have cash and you do not want to risk losing your card at a rave.

I met so many new friends and I’m so grateful for it. EDC was one of the best times I’ve had and I can’t wait to go back next year. There were so many great artists and attractions I wish I could show you but you will just have to find out for yourself. Hopefully you can join me!

Circuit Grounds

PLUR and Happy Raving! ✌🌻💖

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